Access Transformed: Building a Primary Care Workforce for the 21st


National Association of Community Health Centers - August 2008


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".....Pressure to reform the U.S. health care system is mounting in the
face of growing numbers of uninsured individuals, widening health care
disparities, and the rising cost of care - factors that fuel
increasingly restricted access to needed health care for millions of
people. Yet the success of any health reform effort will entail more
than achieving universal insurance coverage; it must include a robust
and evenly distributed primary care workforce, along with adequate
safety net infrastructure and financing for those who are medically
underserved. The national trend so far indicates we are not only falling
short of that goal, but retreating from it.


Indeed, what we face is a crisis of distribution in terms of the primary
care workforce to meet local health needs. In short, there are not
enough doctors, nurses, and other primary care professionals in the
communities where they are most needed. The current supply of primary
care professionals is already being outpaced by rising demand, and our
national health care system is notorious for providing America's most
vulnerable and chronically ill limited access to primary health


Press Release:

You can now listen to the audio news conference
<>  on the report,
ACCESS TRANSFORMED: Building a Primary Care Workforce for the 21st
The report was issued by NACHC, George Washington University, and the
Robert Graham Center.  


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