The Health Systems in Transition (HiT)

HiT template (2010)

Bernd Rechel, Sarah Thomson, Ewout van Ginneken

World Health Organization 2010, on behalf of the European Observatory on
Health Systems and Policies

Available online PDF [110p.] at:


".....The current version of the template, published in 2010, is the
result of a consultation process with HiT editors, previous HiT authors,
Observatory National Lead Institutions (NLIs), WHO Regional Office for
Europe, the European Commission, and other Observatory partners. Several
sections have been reorganised to improve accessibility and clarity for
readers, while the design has been greatly improved to help authors and
editors in the writing process. 


The result is a template that is more user-friendly for authors as it
now includes clear sign posting for 'essential' versus 'discretionary'
sections as well as indicators for tables and figures. Other new
features include: summary paragraphs for all chapters; a revised and
extended chapter on performance assessment; and increased focus on
public health and intersectorality.

The Health Systems in Transition (HiT) profiles are country-based
reports that provide detailed descriptions of health systems and policy
initiatives using a standard format. HiTs are produced by country
experts in collaboration with Observatory staff. 

They are building blocks that can be used to:

* examine different approaches to the organization, financing and
delivery of health services, and the role of key health system actors;

* describe the institutional framework for and the process, content and
implementation of health policy;

* highlight challenges and areas requiring more detailed analysis;

* provide a tool for disseminating information on health systems;

* facilitate the exchange of reform experiences across countries;

* establish a baseline for assessing the impact of reforms; and 

* inform comparative analysis.

HiT profiles are based on a template that, revised periodically,
provides detailed guidelines and specific questions, definitions,
suggestions for data sources, and examples needed to compile HiTs. While
the template offers a comprehensive set of questions, it is intended to
be used in a flexible way to allow authors and editors to adapt it to
their particular national context...."


Full list of HiTs

Health system profiles (HiTs) published in one (or several) of the four
official languages of the WHO Regional Office for Europe <>  


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